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Trinity 3

Surface texture experiment. Also: soo shiny :)

Trinity 2

Another variation along similar lines


Something I spent a while messing around with. Perhaps a pendent or necklace should it be 3D printed.


Over the course of the next few weeks I will begin uploading models to Shapeways.

Pentagonal Ribbon

A continuous ribbon curving around itself. I also happen to like the bright satin sheen I’ve rendered here.

Triangle Ribbon

I’ve been playing around with minimal surfaces thanks to some pretty basic software. It’s a little tedious to use but is still very fun to experiment with. This model is unaltered other than a solidify and subdivision modifier.

Surface Weave

This design is based on a very primitive shape, duplicated, and doubles removed. Its fluid form only takes shape when the surface is subdivided. Also shown here is yet another surface texturing experiment

Gyroid 1

A gyroid is an infinitely connected triply periodic minimal surface (as defined by wikipedia). They’re also really easy to make and look really cool too. I was inspired to model one after having seen several versions on shapeways. They are simply a repeating minimal surface primitive, stacked on top of each other. This particular version … Continue reading


Mobius Knot 3

Same ‘3 sided’ mobius knot as posted below. This one wrapping in and around itself, forming a sudo flower shaped design. The texture is something i was experimenting with. May work better on models with a more consistent subdivision of the mesh.

Mobius Knot 2

Mobius with wireframe surface detailing. I focused on defining vertex groups and refining the thicknesses of individual edge loops within the form of the model.

Torus Ring

Three sided twisted torus with a spherical cast modifier. I’ve been looking into doing more Jewelry like designs in that they may look quite good 3D printed at small scales. A little something with that ‘metal gloss’ finish.

Torus Earrings

I’m starting a little something new, less to do with creating forms, and more to with deforming forms to create something unique. In this experiment i’ve started with a twisted torus and removed faces. Here the emphasis was placed on the glossy surface, hopefully pulling the design closer to reality.


I’ve been messing around with node editing in a new addon call Sverchok. Similar to Grashopper for Rhino. Quite powerful, but has a steep learning curve. It’s powerful in that through node editing I can create my own modifiers, refine and select mesh for alteration more easily, and ultimately have a more unique design, in … Continue reading

Broken Seed Exp1

I’m still thinking about having something ‘growing’ from the center of this.

Pendant Exp1

Quick Test, and share…


Trilobites are an extinct arthropod species having existed hundred of millions of years ago. There are thousands of different fossil varieties that have be unearthed, many of which have had the rock painstakingly removed from around their bodies. I’ve been wanting to make one for ages. I’d always imagined it as a movable exoskeleton, something … Continue reading

Weave Exp.1

Something I’m playing around with as a texture for a 3D print I will do. Surface warping

Shoe Planter

Developing on the Model from Sphere with Helper Functions. Organically patterned exterior with smoked black glass interior shell.

Sphere with Helper Functions

I managed to work out how to create a sphere. A simple function. This was an important milestone for me as a lot of my past work has used a sphere as a primitive block to begin modelling with. My seed for example was an Ico-sphere. x=cos(u)*cos(v) y=sin(v) z=sin(u)*cos(v) u= -pi/2 / +pi/2 v= -pi … Continue reading


I find this experiment interesting in two ways, the first being that I’ve set out to remove the surface of the object and translate it into a series of thin lines to define surface curvature. I believe it does a better job of this compared with my solid surfaces. The second being that the introduction … Continue reading


x=*cos(u)*sin(v) y=2*sin(u)*sin(v) z=(cos(v)+cos(v)*2)+(u/2)+v*5 u=-pi/+pi*2 v=-0/+pi


Welcome to my personal website showcasing my archive of past projects, my blog of designs currently in the works, and my new Geometry Lab; a 3D printing repository. The Very Many Un/Folding Form Design Research 372 Degree Circle BuyCode: Offline Shopping AR Viewer Fluid Form Remote / Packaging: Recycle by REUSE Mass Individual – Furniture … Continue reading

Twisted Shell

X=2*cos(u)*sin(v*2)*2 Y=2*sin(v*2)*sin(u)*2 Z=(cos(v*2.5)+cos(v)*3)+u U=2.5 V=-pi,+pi’ One method to deal with intersecting mesh. Removing faces to create a finger lock; Thickness and then Subdivision.


X=cos(u)*(2+sin(v)*cos(u)-sin(2*v)*sin(u)/2) Y=sin(u)*sin(v)+cos(u)*sin(2*v)/2 Z=sin(u)*(2+sin(v)*cos(u)-sin(2*v)*sin(u)/2)


X=2*cos(u)*sin(v) Y=2*sin(u)*sin(v) z=(cos(v)+cos(v)*2)+u+v U=-2/4 V=4.5


Henneberg’s surface in development. Post modifications: Subdivision surface, Decimate, Removal of edge faces, Seperation of interior edges. Mesh joining to create central tear drop. Subdivion / decimate. Seperation of leaf interior. XYZ Scaling, Y Rotation. Join mesh as manifold surface. Thickness modifier. Subdivision Surface.

Spherical Petals

Based on HenneBerg’s Surface X=3*cos(v)*sinh(u)-0.525*cos(3*v)*sinh(3*u) Y=3*sin(v)*sinh(u)+0.525*sin(3*v)*sinh(3*u) Z=2*cos(2*v)*cosh(2*u) U = -.75/.75 V = 0/3.14

Flower Petal

Based off a Hyperhelicoidal Design: X=(sinh(v)*cos(3*u))/(1+cosh(u)*cosh(v)) Y=(cosh(v)*sinh(u))/(1+cosh(u)*cosh(v)) Z=(siPnh(v)*sin(3*u))/(1+cosh(u)*cosh(v)) U/V = Pi.

Subdivision Modeling

Another test, similar, but this time introducing a bevel, removing faces and the a sub-surf modifier. I found a clever way of modifying forms with only a few vertices too. This shape was built with only 12 vertices, each of which are free to move while keeping the stack of modifiers intact. After I rendered … Continue reading

Surface Decimated Fracturing

Surface Decimated Cell Fracturing

Skin, Scale and Surface

Some messing around with Modifiers in Blender. In the order of Skinning edges, Scaling vertices, Subsurf, Decimate and Triangulate. The Form’s pretty stupid. Felt like making a tree. The Skin feature is a very interesting feature I believe I will get a lot of use out of.

Voronoi Cube

Cell Fracturing.

Shapeways 3D Printing Seed

I started a Shapeways Shop! Time to start cranking out those 3D prints! I made this design in 2011. I had done quite a few experiments with 3D Modelling techniques to get to this point with this model. None of which I’ve documented. Some of which I’ve forgotten, (well at least the exact process I … Continue reading