Trinity 3

Surface texture experiment. Also: soo shiny :)

Surface Weave

This design is based on a very primitive shape, duplicated, and doubles removed. Its fluid form only takes shape when the surface is subdivided. Also shown here is yet another surface texturing experiment

Mobius Knot 2

Mobius with wireframe surface detailing. I focused on defining vertex groups and refining the thicknesses of individual edge loops within the form of the model.

Pendant Exp1

Quick Test, and share…


Trilobites are an extinct arthropod species having existed hundred of millions of years ago. There are thousands of different fossil varieties that have be unearthed, many of which have had the rock painstakingly removed from around their bodies. I’ve been wanting to make one for ages. I’d always imagined it as a movable exoskeleton, something … Continue reading

Weave Exp.1

Something I’m playing around with as a texture for a 3D print I will do. Surface warping