Mobius Knot 3

Same ‘3 sided’ mobius knot as posted below. This one wrapping in and around itself, forming a sudo flower shaped design. The texture is something i was experimenting with. May work better on models with a more consistent subdivision of the mesh.

Mobius Knot 2

Mobius with wireframe surface detailing. I focused on defining vertex groups and refining the thicknesses of individual edge loops within the form of the model.

Mobius Knot1

Torus Cube

Torus Ring 2

Seeds Before Growth

Shoe Planter

Developing on the Model from Sphere with Helper Functions. Organically patterned exterior with smoked black glass interior shell.


I find this experiment interesting in two ways, the first being that I’ve set out to remove the surface of the object and translate it into a series of thin lines to define surface curvature. I believe it does a better job of this compared with my solid surfaces. The second being that the introduction … Continue reading


Spherical Petals

Based on HenneBerg’s Surface X=3*cos(v)*sinh(u)-0.525*cos(3*v)*sinh(3*u) Y=3*sin(v)*sinh(u)+0.525*sin(3*v)*sinh(3*u) Z=2*cos(2*v)*cosh(2*u) U = -.75/.75 V = 0/3.14