Pentagonal Ribbon

A continuous ribbon curving around itself. I also happen to like the bright satin sheen I’ve rendered here.

Gyroid 1

A gyroid is an infinitely connected triply periodic minimal surface (as defined by wikipedia). They’re also really easy to make and look really cool too. I was inspired to model one after having seen several versions on shapeways. They are simply a repeating minimal surface primitive, stacked on top of each other. This particular version … Continue reading

Mobius Knot 3

Same ‘3 sided’ mobius knot as posted below. This one wrapping in and around itself, forming a sudo flower shaped design. The texture is something i was experimenting with. May work better on models with a more consistent subdivision of the mesh.

Mobius Knot 2

Mobius with wireframe surface detailing. I focused on defining vertex groups and refining the thicknesses of individual edge loops within the form of the model.

Mobius Knot1

Torus Cube

Torus Ring 2

Torus Ring

Three sided twisted torus with a spherical cast modifier. I’ve been looking into doing more Jewelry like designs in that they may look quite good 3D printed at small scales. A little something with that ‘metal gloss’ finish.

Torus Earrings

I’m starting a little something new, less to do with creating forms, and more to with deforming forms to create something unique. In this experiment i’ve started with a twisted torus and removed faces. Here the emphasis was placed on the glossy surface, hopefully pulling the design closer to reality.