ART BASEL MIAMI | “Labrys Frisae” – indoor pavilion | Miami Dec.01-04.2011

In October 2011 I was invited to be part of the lead assembly team sent from New York to Miami by Marc Fornes and TheVeryMany. 3 of us would make the trip to coordinate the construction and the assembly of an indoor pavilion for Art Basel. For nearly 2 Months we would work day and night to build the sculpture, piece by piece, rivet after rivet. The initial weeks were hard, but slowly, as we accumulated more and more helpers we were able to finish the piece on time and to a high quality. The people that came to help us were not only amazing in the contribution to the long working days, but also became great friends. My experience of Miami, the sculpture that we built and the friendships I made along the way, will forever have a lasting effect on my life.

TheVeryMany Website


Custom computational protocols: Marc Fornes in Python/Rhinocommon
Design team: Marc Fornes (Principal), Jeffrey Quantz, Pablo Iriarte, Dustin Mattiza
Assembly team: Pablo Iriarte, Austin Smith, Kris Henning +++ Julian Sandoval, Sean Cahalin, Philip Li, Leandro Rolón, Lauren Bartroli, Audrey Barth, Gabriel Williams, Madison Head, Hex Ceballos, Koree Gilbert, Diego Camargo, Agustín Vargas, Ed Seymor, Amir Melloul,…
Fab: Plastik Banana / Bradeson Brinton + Shawn Komlos, Jarman Montgomery, Judson Kemsley, Sean Stott and Gunnar Gustafson

Commissioned by SUSHI SAMBA / GGG – Shimon Bokovza –

Location : The Rotunda Space – 3252 NE 1st Avenue, Suite 101 – Miami, FL 33137

Overall size: 28′-10″ x 29′-9″ x 17′-5″

Holes: 202, 290
Rivets: 101, 145
Text: 12,584
Total Parts: 10,322
Weight: 1642lbs / 744kg
256 Sheets of Aluminum
74 Nodes
6 missing parts that had to be recut – 0.05% missing!

3 Responses to “TheVeryMany”
  1. yuran says:

    It is Amazing!!! I wish I can be there to experience it!! :-D

  2. Marty says:

    Kris, it looks ridiculously amazing. Glad to see you got some work in while you’ve been in the US.

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