Urban Freedom

Bag Design for Macpac

This was a 2 month long project I completed during the 3rd year of my undergraduate degree in 2005. Macpac approached our class and presented us with the brief ‘Urban Freedom’. We were to create our own project scenario describing what ‘Urban Freedom’ meant to us, and to then develop a fully functional carry bag with this idea in mind.

Urban Freedom

Living in the urban environment is about having the freedom to make choices that are based around enjoyment. With an extensive amount of options available in cities, people’s specific needs and wants can be catered for. They are therefore compelled to be more active with the way they spend their free time. Being urban free is about having all of your personal items within quick reach, without the unnecessary burden of an over-sized bag.

The information age is rapidly progressing around us, and we are living in a time with a growing dependency on technology to aid our lifestyle. Cellphones, Cameras, Music players and digital storage devices are all becoming an important part of our lives. While the number of things we need to carry is increasing our pockets have remained the same size, and in many instances it can appear uncomfortable and unfashionable to have every pocket bulging. The concept is about providing the means to carry these personal items, so that they are safe, and as easily accessible as the pockets in clothing.

A Few Concept Sketches

Bag Development

Unfortunately I don’t have documentation of the very large amount of experimental prototypes I did to develop the final bag. This had been one of the most difficult and frustrating designs I have ever had to make. It is in fact very difficult to sew to a professional standard, and it was even more difficult to work out exactly how a bag with with multiple detached pockets could be turned inside out. I worked relentlessly to achieve the exact look and functionality I was searching for. To this day I’m still gutted I haven’t got any photographs of my studio sewing room – because I literally lived in there for weeks, with countless sleepless nights.


– Total of 7 pockets, as well as 4 pen holders.
– Wide variety of pockets sizes for general items as well as specific needs.
– Injection molded clip located on both sides for dual carrying on either shoulder.
– Adjustable strap for customized length.
– Magnetic flap clip located on lower pocket and upper strap for easy and quick access.
– Spacer mesh backing for improved comfort.
– Soft interior lining for hand comfort and item protection.
– Durable exterior materials for a long lasting bag.
– Stylish contemporary design, with an emphasis on function and comfort.


I’m still very happy with this concept. Despite all of our electronic devices now compacted into just our Cellphone. I still believe there is a market for a very small bag on a strap like this. Perhaps one day I’ll develop it for sale and make it smaller, and have customizable fabrics and graphics. I have the Bag in New Zealand, I will take some more closeup and internal photography when I return.


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