Trilobites are an extinct arthropod species having existed hundred of millions of years ago. There are thousands of different fossil varieties that have be unearthed, many of which have had the rock painstakingly removed from around their bodies. I’ve been wanting to make one for ages. I’d always imagined it as a movable exoskeleton, something that you can play with; wiggling it in your hand. I didn’t spend much time on it and I hope to make an incredibly detailed one at some stage.


This model came about after some research of bezier curves and loop tools. Thanks to the array modifier it took less than an hour. I also found a way to control the orientation and scale of each count by adding an ’empty’ axis, modifying it as i wished and fixing the count to that. This model is not built as one part, so it can’t be 3D printed as one unfortunately.


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