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MDes – Master of Design, Victoria University, Wellington New Zealand. 2011.

BDes – Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hons), Victoria University, Wellington New Zealand. 2007.

Design Skills

  • Design Research and Development for Manufacturing and One-off Productions.
  • 2D & 3D Sketching, Rendering, conceptual and Finished Drawings.
  • Visualization and Presentation using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Powerpoint.
  • 3D Modeling using Blender, Rhino, Sketchup and Solidworks (open to learning new software.)
  • Design for Digital Fabrication – 3D Scanning, Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Rapid Prototyping.
  • Model Making and prototyping – sculpting, molding, textiles, metal working, carpentry and workshop use.

Administration Skills

  • Project Management; systematic thinking, highly organized, effective communicator, problem solving.
  • Logistics; project timelines, accurately manage inventory, purchasing, shipping & receiving.
  • Use of Excel, Word processing, Sales-force, Acrobat, quick learner of new software and computer literate.

Current Employment

Industrial Designer: Cabin Fever, Miami USA

February 2012- Full time
Industrial Designer and Production Lead. Cabin Fever is a small company designing and building prefabricated kitset homes and structures for shipping in the US and internationally. Having started in Feburary 2012, I have been involved with the design, logistics and construction of 34 buildings.

Design and Construction Experience:
Industrial design; hardware engineering, 3D modelling, fabrication and construction.
Graphic design of marketing material, website development and customer sales using Salesforce.
Construction; Materials & Handling, production in a factory and onsite environment.

Logistics, Project Management Experience:
Estimating and specifying material needs, purchasing and receiving.
Responsible for inventory, tools, and stock upkeep.
Captain the completion of production and assembly work to meet project milestones and shipping deadlines.
Reading of construction drawings, communicating to craftsman and labor.
Factory floor organization, material handling, production processes and quality control.
Administer shipping documents, loading teams and packing systems.

Previous Employment

Design Intern : Marc Fornes + TheVeryMany, New York City / Miami USA

September 2011 to December 2011 – Full time
Lead Team Member for the Coordination and Assembly of an Architectural Structure/ Sculpture for Art Basel Miami. As well as previous experience as a assembly team member for a smaller installation New York City.

Spatial Designer : Interrupt Collective, Wellington, NZ

March 2011 to Present – Part Time
Physical and Digital Fabrication Lead. Design of physical structures and spaces for projection mapping and visualization experiences. Art Exhibitions, Conference Installations, Event Productions. Awarded Bronze at New Zealand’s Best Awards (August 2011).

3D Technician – School of Architecture and Design, Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

March 2008 to April 2011 – Part Time
Assisting Professors and Students with their 3D scanning needs and providing demonstrations and assistance for using and designing with a 3D Stereoscopic Projection Environments.

Research Assistant : School of Design, Victoria University, Wellington NZ.

November 2009 to February 2010 – Full time
Design Research Contract. Scale Model Making of the The Athenian Acropolis and Parthenon for display at the  Acropolis Museum in Athens.

Teachers Aid / Tutor : School of Design, Victoria University, Wellington NZ.

August 2009 to October 2009 – Part time.
Tutoring first year students the art of making through folding and digital fabrication and methods of improving presentation through composition and graphic design techniques.

Research Assistant : School of Design, Victoria University, Wellington NZ.

October 2007 to July 2008 – Full time.
Design Technology Research of 3D Scanning, 3D Stereoscopic Environments and Digital Fabrication. Co-Author on two Academic Papers.

Design Intern : Formway – Seaview, Wellington NZ.

July 2007 to August 2007, Full time.
Collection and archiving of files and photographs for the design and graphic layout of a design handbook.

Industrial Designer : HitLabNZ – Canterbury University, Christchurch NZ

December 2006 to May 2007 Part time.
Design and fabrication of a 3D stereoscopic augmented reality prototype for visual and ergonomic testing.

Teachers Aid and Mentor : School of Design Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

March 2006 to July 2006 – Part time.
University and high school tutoring through the Beacon initiative. Developing student’s skills and awareness of design.

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